Quartz changes our business. Now I do my budgeting for the service line using real-time data. My action items are high-impact and we can actually see the impact of our PI work.
I love it.Service Line Executive, metropolitan hospital in Chicago

Strategic Advantages For Your Service Line

Identify high-yield quality improvement opportunities by provider using benchmarks.
Track service line performance and optimize budget planning with forecasting tools.
Track patient disposition by provider to avoid bundled payment penalties.
Immediately identify opportunities for improvement without the 6+ month lag associated with QI databases.
Compare individual suppliers by cost to reduce variable expenses.
Optimize staffing and hours of operation to decreased fixed costs.

Define. Measure. Analyze. Improve. Control.

Quartz evaluates every DRG, ICD, and CPT code at your system and calculates your total opportunity using benchmarks. Use this to prioritize your performance improvement projects.

Case Study

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A major metropolitan medical center recently built a freestanding Heart and Vascular Institute. Their STS and VQI data did not give them real-time insight into clinical operations, making any performance improvement effort impossible.

Quartz identified a higher than expected return to ER and readmission rate for this service line. Using Quartz, the service line executive implemented quality and performance improvement plans to decrease return to ER by 33% and readmission by 20%.

Quartz also noted a lower than expected CMI for the procedures being completed. Improved documentation and coding led to a 0.355 improvement in CMI, which together translated into an additional $4.7 million in profit.

Quartz is