Physician Staff
Insurance Products

One System to Optimize It All


Elevate the quality of the medical staff


Compare provider performance by clinical and financial metrics

Generate a personalized scorecard and give individualized feedback

Improve documentation and billing to improve CMI and reimbursement

Use internal and external benchmarks to objectively rate providers


Insurance product comparison


Compare clinical and financial metrics by insurance product and site of service

Optimize site of service for procedures to improve reimbursement

Identify high cost procedures and improve insurance reimbursement

Calculate net realization rate by insurance product


Supply chain variance analysis


Automatically identify outliers with supplies and medications by item type and vendor

Reduce variable costs by streamlining supply chain logistics and product choice

Decrease variability in clinical practice by identifying physician outliers in supply costs

Complete what-if analyses to identify high priority targets for PI projects


Flexible, Scalable, and Fast


Quartz works with any platform and can integrate with any data source

Export data for use in Excel or PowerPoint presentations

Drill down from the system level to the individual provider level

Automatically complete complex analyses to guide decision-making