Achieve the

Quartz helps you achieve better health and better care at a lower cost. Rediscover the joy of the work that you do.

Decrease LOS, Return to ER, and Readmission Rates


Mitigate Inpatient Mortality Risk


Increase CMI


Decrease Cost of Care


Identify Outliers in Procedures...


And With Providers


Executive Dashboards

View every aspect of your healthcare system with high-yield dashboards that impact clinical care and improve financial stewardship.

Data presented graphically to immediately identify outliers

Stoplight indicators on key metrics for information at a glance

Automatic trend analysis to know where your system is headed

Real-time executive dashboards on every metric that matters

Tree maps to identify high margin opportunities

Quartz Clinical Dashboard


Compare all aspects of your hospital system, procedures, and providers with both internal and external benchmarks.
Quartz Clinical Dashboard

Compare providers with each other to identify opportunities for improvement

Monitor CMS geometric LOS by DRG to avoid pay for performance penalties

National benchmarks to map your strengths and weaknesses objectively

Automatically calculate supply cost variances to decrease variable costs

Automatically identify outliers in fixed cost to optimize operational efficiency

Identify both strong and underperforming providers graphically

Over 10,000 external benchmarks that compare your LOS, readmission, inpatient mortality, and cost of care to best practices around the country